The Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy works to preserve, protect, and manage the natural environment within the watershed and township for future generations.


CLTLC is a small, community-supported, 501(c)(3) nonprofit land conservation organization located at Clear Lake in Fremont of Steuben County, nestled in the northeast corner of Indiana where Indiana, Ohio and Michigan come together. An all-volunteer Board of Directors guides the efforts of CLTLC. The Board members and community volunteers serve on numerous committees that, in conjunction with our Executive Director, strive to accomplish our mission.


Since 1991, CLTLC has been entrusted with preserving and protecting this cherished corner of northeast Indiana through ongoing conservation and stewardship efforts. Our focus area includes the Town of Clear Lake, the Clear Lake Township, and the Clear Lake watershed. With the support of individual donors, foundations, businesses, and volunteers and in partnership with local, state, and federal agencies we protect and preserve more than 100 acres within the Clear Lake watershed. Each year we conduct water quality enhancement efforts and approaches. We believe that building an appreciation for nature is essential in achieving our mission of watershed level preservation and management. We organize and host a variety of workshops, events, and outings that encourage youth and the community to think about nature and our environment and ways they can positively impact it.

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The Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy (CLTLC) was started in 1991 by a committed group of volunteers.

Once described as an “inspired idea,” it took root when a survey was sent out to Clear Lake residents, which identified three components that would guide the Conservancy’s activities for the following decades: water quality enhancement, natural areas preservation, and environmental education. Beautiful Clear Lake was formed 14,000 years ago, in the final centuries of earth's last Ice Age. Here, at an elevation of nearly 1,000 feet, the historic Wisconsin Glacier melted — creating the natural and pristine kettle-hole reservoir we now call Clear Lake.

In early years, volunteers conducted water quality monitoring to create the baseline data for the 800 acre Clear Lake, smaller adjacent lakes such as Round Lake, as well as the 4 county ditches that drain into Clear Lake. To expand on these efforts, a Water Quality Committee was formed in 2008. The Committee took a larger watershed view of Clear Lake’s water quality and started focusing on the importance and function of the adjacent wetlands to the lake.

Since 1991, the CLTLC has actively preserved eighteen properties, one -- Kasota Island-- within the lake, sixteen around it, and the Conservancy holds one conservation easement. One of the Conservancy’s land project goals is to help residents and surrounding landowners understand the importance of taking a watershed level approach to conservation by looking at sensitive resources beyond Clear Lake. Currently the Conservancy protects just over 100 acres of sensitive areas that directly impact the water quality of Clear Lake. Here is a list of actions each of us can take to protect the lake.

One of the most important aspects of the Conservancy’s continued growth is its environmental education programs. Some of these efforts are demonstrated in CLTLC‘s Knee-High Naturalists Program. Beginning in the summer of 2006, and every summer since, children have gathered weekly in July to learn about a variety of topics like bats, fish, frogs, birds, composting, art in nature, invasive species, wetlands and water quality.

The Clear Thinking newsletter began publication in 2015 to inform and connect the Clear Lake community to the Conservancy’s mission and projects year round. Sign up here to receive the newsletters electronically or view under News & Events. In 2016 we added a new website, a distinctive logo and a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram to further expand the Conservancy’s communications outreach.

The Conservancy has been organized and led by volunteers for almost three decades. Their time, talent, commitment, and passion have grown the Conservancy and paved the way for our future success! CLTLC hired its first full time employee in May of 2015. The 25th Anniversary Year in 2016 was an exciting time for the Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy, marked by sellout crowds at a Gala and Kasota Island Hog Roast. The community also gathered for lively Spiritfest 2017, SummerFest 2019, and Soirée on the Water 2022 celebrations.

As we celebrate our volunteers and past successes, we look to the future. Our focus will remain on the continued growth of our three pillars: water quality enhancement, natural areas preservation, and environmental education.

We work together to protect the natural enviroment we all love, no matter what keeps us here… the conservancy comes to life through water quality enhancement, natural preservation, and environmental education. Join us!

Board of Directors

Doug Mulvaney


Barb Wenger

Vice President

Zach Dean


Tim McArdle


Susan Connett
Bill Culbertson
Ann DeWert
Bill Geiger
Bill Greffin
Katy Hoehn
Karen Horrell
Bruce Matasick
Terry Newcomb
Dan Rippe
Matt Timmer
Nancy Webster
Paul Crawford

1971 – 2020
Paul was a lifetime farmer and a leader in advocating for our area’s water quality.

Our Staff

Caroline Barth

Executive Director

Tracy Hughes

Program Assistant

Amy Oberlin

Land Steward

Our Committees

Each of our Committees operates under a charter and establishes an annual workplan. Click to review the most recent list of members, workplan and charter for each Committee. Use the “Get Involved” tab to explore getting active in a Conservancy Committee.

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