The Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy

111 Gecowets Drive - Clear Lake
Fremont, Indiana 46737

Office: (260) 527-1072

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Your contribution is the heart and soul of our success! Your commitment provides the support we need for successful water quality monitoring, natural areas preservation, and environmental education. This organization, a 501(c)(3), relies on tax-deductible contributions from individuals and the community.

View the Giving at Every Level Counts Flyer.

Types of Donations

  1. General Donations - Unrestricted gifts
  2. Restricted Donations - Gifts for a specific project like education, water quality, dredging, land acquisition, etc.
  3. Honorariums - Gift acknowledging an individual/family or a special occasion such as weddings, anniversaries, births, birthdays, etc.
  4. Memorials - Gift for a deceased family member or friend.
  5. Operating Fund and Maintenance Fund (Endowment at Steuben County Community Foundation) - Income from the funds will be used for the day-to-day operations and property maintenance.
  6. Bequests - CLTLC would be honored to be included in your will and/or trust.
  7. Stock or other securities – Stocks, bonds, or mutual funds can be gifted to CLTLC.
  8. Your IRA – Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)** View detailed description and request form.
  9. Land or conservation easement donation - A landowner’s gift of property, either as a direct gift, donating through a will, donating a remainder interest, or a conservation easement, will retain the natural qualities, scenic or ecological value, or historic significance forever. Contact us for more information.


** Every retired person who has an IRA or other qualified plan must take an annual Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) each year from their plan. This distribution is taxable at ordinary income rates; however, the IRS now allows those persons to allocate any portion of their RMD up to a maximum of $100,000 annually to a qualified charity such as the CLTLC.

Our Federal ID # is 35-1835491. Talk to your attorney, tax adviser, and us about any of the gift options.

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