Almost all of our properties are open to the public for the enjoyment of nature, open spaces, and exploration. To ensure our resources are also protected for future generations to enjoy as well we follow these Preserve Guidelines:

  • No motorized vehicles allowed.
  • Carry out what you carry in.
  • Dumping garbage and yard waste is strictly prohibited.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times.
  • Clean up after your pet.
  • Do not remove rocks or plants for landscaping.
  • Preserves are open from dawn until dusk.
  • Hunting is strictly prohibited.

We could always use help removing trash and invasive species on our Preserves! To adopt a preserve call our office and also check our events page for volunteer restoration events.

Kasota Island Nature Preserve

Kasota Island means ‘clear water’ and this preserve is the focal point for many that enjoy Clear Lake.

The protection of this preserve was a community-wide effort in 2006-2008 led by Bill Geiger and Bob Lewis. We host a yearly cleanup and restoration event to ready the island for the summer season. Check our events page for details on how to volunteer and for updates on the 2016-2018 shoreline restoration project.

Contact our office to book your special event, camping adventure, or wedding ceremony on Kasota Island.

Lord Wetland

This wetland might be small but it has a big job of capturing and filtering water before it makes its way into Clear Lake. This wetland is named for the individual that donated it to CLTLC and will be protected in perpetuity for its important natural function.

Koeneman Lake Nature Preserve

Nestled in the woods on the south side of Clear Lake, this preserve offers a peaceful setting to observe wildlife.

The Harry Teeters ditch flows into Koeneman Lake and allows sediment and nutrients to settle out before flowing into Clear Lake. Check our News & Events page for details about the recently completed dredging and dam repair project.

Old Town Hall Park

Just up the road from the Pizza King on East Clear Lake Drive, this is a great place to stop and enjoy your ice cream cone in the shade of the large oak trees. Enjoy the short walk along the meandering path and appreciate the protected open space.

Elizabeth Hanna Nature Preserve

Located on the east side of Clear Lake and formerly a landing strip this preserve will be protected in perpetuity for its wildlife habitat and important ecosystems.

Headwaters Preserve

Located on the south side of the channel that connects Lake Anne to Clear Lake this parcel protects Clear Lake’s headwaters.

East Point Park

Protected in perpetuity for its open space.

Clear Lake Memorial Woods

Donated in honor of the Conservancy’s first president, Paul Federspiel, by Mike and Pat Franz, the Clear Lake Memorial Woods preserve offers open space and a unique way to honor the passing of your loved one. Contact us for more information.

Flora Husselman Trumbull Nature Area

Home to a large wetland, this preserve offers an important ecosystem for plants and animals that like to get their feet wet. This preserve has an important role in capturing and filtering water within the Clear Lake watershed.

Maple Street Preserve

Tucked away off of Maple Street, on the east side of Clear Lake, this small preserve is protected in perpetuity for its open space.

Spangler Grove

Donated to CLTLC by Ted Spangler, this property is managed as a native prairie.

The plant composition, while wild and natural looking, serves as an important function for wildlife, pollinator insects, and water filtration. The yearly burning regime helps to ensure the health of the existing native plants.

Clear Lake Nature Preserve: Brennan Woods

Donated to CLTLC by the Brennan Family, this property is being restored to an open oak woodland.

Part of the 45 acre Clear Lake Nature Preserve, this area is protected for its gently rolling terrain, wildlife habitat, towering oak trees, and wetlands. The preserve is a great space to explore and enjoy our region’s natural beauty. Check our projects page for details about restoration and trail building project.

Clear Lake Nature Preserve: Wetlands

Part of the 45 acre Clear Lake Nature Preserve, this area is protected for the wetlands that help to filter and clean the water flowing into Clear Lake.

Clear Lake Nature Preserve: Prairie

Part of the 45 acre Clear Lake Nature Preserve, this area is protected for its wetlands and prairie ecosystem.

Acquired in 2015 with the generous support from Richard D. and Jill L. Waterfield, the Clear Lake Community Fund at the Steuben County Community Foundation, an anonymous donor, and with a grant from the Bicentennial Nature Trust. Check our projects page for details about restoration and trail building project.

Island View Nature Preserve

When asked why John and Lona decided to donate their south shore lot they replied quickly, “To inspire others to think about doing the same.”

In December 2017 Dr. and Mrs. Pritchard donated their property located along South Clear Lake Drive to the Conservancy. At just over a tenth of an acre in size, this land could have been home to a spacious garage. But the owners saw the value in another context. Protection, forever. The hope of the Conservancy and the owners is that others nearby and around the township will consider protecting their land, too. The property will remain free from development and John and Lona can find comfort in knowing that the Island View Nature Preserve will be protected as a natural, open space in perpetuity.

Woodland Conservation Easement

CLTLC does not own this property and therefore it is not open for public use but it will remain intact and protected for its wildlife habitat and wooded character through a voluntary, legal agreement made between the Conservancy and the landowner.

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