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Volunteer Power - CLEAR THINKING Issue No. 36

March 20, 2021

The arrival of Spring brings thoughts of the work ahead to preserve, protect and manage 100 acres of natural beauty in the Clear Lake Township and watershed. Spring also brings gratitude for the year and winter behind us.

We have so much to be grateful for, especially the volunteers and donors who are behind the 2020 accomplishments.

The 2020 work is reflected in the Annual Report (Download ») you’ll find with this issue of Clear Thinking. We hope you will enjoy reading the report and will recall your 2020 experiences and memories that benefit from the Conservancy’s work. Watch the video again if you want to jog more memories!

The Conservancy’s work is made possible because of the talent, hours and money our volunteers invest in the Conservancy’s mission. In 2020, our VOLUNTEERS partnered with our staff to:

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  • Build trails, a kiosk and a boardwalk.
  • Pull invasive plants and plant native plants and trees.
  • Take water samples and analyze the results.
  • Help identify the infestation of Eurasian Watermilfoil we are now addressing.
  • Participate in six committees that form the work engine of the Conservancy.
  • Hold Knee-high Naturalists and Porch Chat programs.
  • Plan and produce our first video, Protecting What We Love.
  • Serve on the Board as the community’s representatives to guide the long-term sustainability of our mission.

We thank each and every one of these volunteers. We also thank the 324 donors who contributed generously in 2020 to support the work, and we are proud to list all donors in the Annual Report. While we won’t name all of our volunteers, we especially remember township resident and Board member Paul Crawford for his years of service and still mourn his untimely death in June 2020. We also welcome Doug Mulvaney as a new Board member. Doug practices law in Elkhart and has a family cottage on the south shore of Clear Lake. His volunteer service began at Brennan Woods workdays.

All Board members, committees and staff welcome your questions, suggestions and participation relating to the Conservancy.

We celebrate Spring’s arrival and we celebrate our volunteers and donors. We hope to see you soon.

Karen Horrell

Bridget Harrison
Executive Director

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