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Strength in Community - CLEAR THINKING Issue No. 35

January 28, 2021



Our community increasingly agrees on one thing – the natural beauty of the land and water here is a shared treasure to be protected. This growing sense of community is the thing we are most grateful for as we look back on 2020.

We’ll give you five good reasons we are grateful and optimistic.

1. You invested in the future. Almost 200 of you responded generously to the Year End Appeal, including Giving Tuesday. 68 of the donors were first time donors. These funds ensure that the Conservancy’s mission, operations, and key projects like Settlers Wetland will flourish in 2021. The Sustainability Fund keeps growing. Thank you on behalf of the entire community. We’re in it together!

2. COVID did not slow our mission. We were able to adapt and adjust how we manage land preservation, education, and water quality. Special kudos to Bridget and Tracy!

3. You showed up. The community rolled up its sleeves for projects ranging from the spring “community trash clean-up” to kiosk building at Brennan Woods. Our volunteer base increased. Our committees expanded. The Board was active and forward-thinking. This signals confidence in our future.

4. Our video captured the community spirit. Our first-ever video, Protecting What We Love, is only 3 ½ minutes and has been viewed more than 700 times so far. The production was all volunteer. It is a calm reminder every day of the natural beauty we are fortunate to share as a community.

5. We listened. Over 50 community families met with us to share memories, hopes, dreams, and concerns for the Conservancy’s mission and work. We called them “Porch Chats” but they were actually Zoom or Yard Chats. These conversations are key to our future and will continue.

This issue of Clear Thinking has a new look as we mark the 30th Anniversary of CLTLC in 2021. We’ll keep the same focus on land and water quality projects and education. We’ll add more photos, volunteer features and quick updates. Our website will always have a full array of Conservancy resources and information. You’ll see a more direct link between the two resources. We’d value your feedback.

We love this community and appreciate your support and involvement. We are hopeful that 2021 will allow us to again gather safely as a community to celebrate 30 years of Conservancy progress. Won’t that be a joyous occasion! Details to follow.

Karen Horrell, President & Bridget Harrison, Executive Director

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