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Echoes of Winter - CLEAR THINKING Issue 42

March 23, 2022


People sometimes ask us (especially Bridget) what we do with our downtime in the winter season. Often, that triggers loud laughing (especially from Bridget), followed by a response along these lines. “The Conservancy has gotten to be a good-sized community organization, stewarding 100+ acres plus water quality in the lakes within those acres. We are thrilled with the growth, but there’s plenty to do as a result, even in winter!”

Our staff, the Board, and committees work year-round. The current winter has been a time of enormous productivity and warm reflections.

Over the winter we have focused on two key 2022 projects—the Aquatic Vegetation Management Project (AVMP) and the Watershed Diagnostic Study (WDS). Both projects are multi-year efforts. AVMP treats an existing problem, an infestation of Eurasian watermilfoil and other invasives. The WDS is collecting reliable data so we can enhance water quality and prevent future problems. Your donations are making both projects possible. Thank you!

This winter we also reflected on our mission and our 2021 work. This review made us smile because it calls up images of you and our other community members. We were especially impressed with the number of young people who were active with the Conservancy in 2021.

The next article should make all of us smile. You’ll see some wonderful photos and stories about what our young community members are doing to make the Conservancy’s mission come alive. We are grateful for the energy and contribution of every one of them. They are incredible role models by ensuring that this special place will thrive for the generations that come after them.

We are equally grateful for the volunteers of every age who supported the Conservancy last year. The Conservancy is stronger and more productive with
every volunteer hour and every dollar donated.

There are endless ways to support the Conservancy in addition to building trails and pulling invasive plants. Some supporters contribute monthly as “sustainers” to give us a steady financial base through every season. One family set up a fund they call the “Land and Water Fund” to be ready to provide funding quickly for Conservancy land acquisition and water quality projects as opportunities arise. Other families have a passion for building a permanent endowment to ensure that Conservancy operations can be funded year after year. Some community members have included the Conservancy in their estate planning. We love them all!

The spring beauties are getting clearer in our imaginations. The images of our future are stronger, too, as we reflect on our volunteers and supporters. Let’s enjoy every season together in this beautiful place.


You have heard us talk about the three pillars that guide our everyday work – natural areas preservation, water quality enhancement, and environmental education. We often focus on what WE are doing in those areas to support our mission. We’ve been inspired to highlight how area youth have supported our three pillars.....
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