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November 7, 2022

Look who joined us and Blue Heron Ministries for our prescribed burn at Clear Lake Nature Preserve!

Image Description Here
This painted turtle (Chrysemys picta) thought he would join the burn crew this past Wednesday and he was a big help!

Painted turtles are named for their bright red and yellow coloration. There are several theories as to why painted turtles have such striking, colorful patterns. One theory is that the pattern and colors help the turtle camouflage in its environment. Another theory is that the color could be due to its diet. Painted turtles are primarily aquatic turtles and only feed underwater. Their diets include aquatic plants and insects as well as small fish, tadpoles, mussels and crayfish.
Image Description Here

Fun fact!

Male painted turtles have longer claws then females. The turtle pictured here appears to be a male based on this fact. Male painted turtles also tend to be smaller and have longer tails then their female counterparts. In breeding season, male painted turtles use their long claws in a mating display to attract females.

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