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November 14, 2022

Have you seen any of these little guys around lately?

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Banded woolly bear catepillars (Pyrrharctia isabella) are commonly seen around late fall trying to find a nice place to stay over winter. They like to shelter in crevices of rocks and logs, as well as under dead plant material. After the winter, woolly bears create a cocoon and go through metamorphosis. Eventually they emerge as the Isabella tiger moth. There are at least 8 woolly bear species in the US. The banded woolly bear, shown here, is black at both ends with a brown/orangish band in the middle.

Do you know the folklore?

Folklore around the woolly bear states these fuzzy critters can predict winter weather. If you find a woolly bear with a large brown stripe, then the upcoming winter will be mild. However if you stumble upon a woolly bear that has a small brown stripe, then it will be a harsh winter.

Head out to Brennan Woods this fall to see if you can predict the winter weather!

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