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What's Moving - Madi!

May 26, 2023

Hello everyone, Madi here to give you the finale of my “What’s Moving with Madi” column! I hope you have enjoyed learning about the critters of Clear Lake with me. It is bittersweet to say but today is my last day at the Conservancy as I have taken a job at a 4-H camp.

When I was hired as the Land Steward at the Conservancy I was ecstatic. As someone who has grown up with Clear Lake as a second home, I know how important it is to the community and the environment. It is home to many unique ecosystems which I had the opportunity to steward during my time at the Conservancy. I also had the opportunity to work with amazing volunteers completing trail improvement projects, water quality testing, and invasive species removal. Working at the Conservancy has taught me so much about managing and protecting the place I love as well as working in a non-profit setting. When I graduated college in April of 2022, I was not unlike many recent graduates. I did not know in what direction my job would take me, but I am happy I landed here. The skills and lessons I have learned at the Conservancy will stay with me throughout my next adventures. Thank you to all the volunteers and people who have helped me along the way and have a wonderful summer at the place we know and love, Clear Lake!

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