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"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart."

April 18, 2016

Many of our accomplishments rely on successful partnerships. In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Week, in April, we would like to thank everyone that has donated their time, talent, and effort to accomplish our mission!

Over the last two decades countless volunteer hours from many individuals have been given to support CLTLC. Volunteer commitments have ranged over the past 25 years from multi-year commitments to a single event or task. We appreciate each and every one of you and all of your time.

Our efforts are led and supported by our 12-member volunteer board of directors that meets regularly and works closely with our legal counsel. Thank you for your wonderful guidance, commitment, and support! Additionally, volunteers actively participate on our Water Quality, Finance, Lands, and Communications Committees.

Volunteer contributions to CLTLC cover a wide array of activities, including this impressive list--folding newsletters, restoration and maintenance on our preserves, facilitating meetings, planting trees, participating on our committees, working on land projects, organizing and setting up the CLTLC office, financial oversight, editing and adding to our newsletter series, planning fundraising events, grant writing, providing legal advice, organizing educational opportunities and workshops (such as the Knee-High and Neck-High Naturalists), taking photographs, providing leadership, advocating for CLTLC, removing a shed, and many other tasks that ensure our long-term success. We cannot thank you enough for your time and effort!

The Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy relied solely on volunteers for almost 24 years. Hiring our first staff member was an exciting moment for the Conservancy but our steady progress is because of the volunteers that care so much about Clear Lake and its watershed. We truly appreciate you and thank you for your commitment to helping us preserve our corner of the state!

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