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The Koeneman Lake project has begun

June 22, 2016

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Over the next several weeks the Koeneman Lake preserve and trail will be closed for public access. The lake is almost drained and soon heavy equipment will be on the preserve starting the excavation and dam rebuild. For the safety of the public and our contractors we are closing the preserve until the project is completed later this summer/early fall. Check back for project updates.

The earthen dam and spillway, which was constructed many years ago, has deteriorated and does not meet today’s standards as a functional and safe structure. Completing this project ensures the dam is rebuilt to meet today’s standards of safety. A survey of the lake bottom sediment indicated a need to remove sediment and in dredging the Lake we can continue to maintain adequate water quality. Koeneman Lake serves as a catch basin for overland flow from adjacent properties. Sediment and pollutants have the opportunity to settle out before flowing downstream into Clear Lake, acting as “kidneys” to keep Clear Lake water clear. Preserving and maintaining Koeneman Lake enhances the water flow into Clear Lake.

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