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May 25, 2023

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After a challenging winter, the Conservancy is different, but also the same. The Conservancy’s focus remains on the three priorities the entire community supports: clear and clean water; protected land; and environmental education. What’s different? For seven years, Bridget Harrison was the familiar “face” of the Conservancy. When Bridget decided she needed to move closer to family, the 14 Board members followed the normal process. They appointed a search committee. They drafted a position statement for the Executive Director role. They publicized the position in the land trust community, at both the national and regional levels. They reviewed applications, interviewed candidates, and ultimately, chose the person who seemed to best fit the position.
It didn’t work out.

The Board members are restarting the search process, but pausing briefly for two key steps. First, we’ll step back to review the process and decide whether the job is the same as it seemed to be when Bridget left. Second, what can we learn from the prior search? We’ll keep you updated as we move ahead. We’ll ask for your thoughts and opinions. This is not a shy community!

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