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Prescribed fire today at Brennan Woods

April 19, 2021

April 19 pm:

We appreciate all those who let us know about the smoke issues from today’s prescribed fire in Clear Lake Nature Preserve & Brennan Woods. We are very sorry to hear that the smoke was visible and noticeable in your homes. We reached out to Blue Heron to understand the circumstances. We received the following note that we wanted to share:

“Dear Clear Lake Residents,

Word has reached me that smoke from our prescribed fire to encourage native flowers and grasses at Clear Lake Nature Preserve today has permeated some of your homes. I am so sorry.

My hope was that this prescribed fire would not cause anyone any distress. However, the wind direction today caused smoke to enter your neighborhood and homes.

In the future, we will cancel or extinguish a burn when the wind direction shifts toward your lakefront homes.

Again, I am sorry.

Celebrating the wonder of God in creation,
Nate Simons,
Executive Director”

We will continue to work closely with Blue Heron to understand the actions from today and to the ensure this does not happen again. Again, our apologies, Bridget Harrison

April 19 am:

If weather permits, Blue Heron will conduct a prescribed fire at Brennan Woods today, Monday, April 19. We burn the woods every few years to help control the understory brush and reduce the leaf litter layer. This encourages the natural regeneration of our mighty oak trees! The fire has been permitted through the Dept. of Environmental Management. The Fremont Fire Department is aware.

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