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Paying Attention - CLEAR THINKING Issue 37

May 17, 2021

Few of us are scientists. But, all of us can be naturalists if we are curious about our world and willing to pay attention. Lake life makes it easy to pay attention to clean, sparkling water and the wildlife and plants that surround it.

The Conservancy has been protecting this natural world for you for 30 years. Happy Anniversary, Conservancy! As we leave winter weather, inside life and limited interactions with people, let’s celebrate by paying attention to our natural world, to the people we encounter outdoors and to the happiness we feel with these connections.

We’ve been paying attention to our water quality by launching the aquatic vegetative management plan, a detailed survey needed to begin treatment of the Eurasian watermilfoil invasion identified last summer. Thank you to generous individuals and the Clear Lake Association for funding this key first step! We’ll keep you updated as we learn the scope of the infestation and understand treatments for this nuisance to our clear water.

The pandemic offers a “good news/bad news” situation for the Conservancy. The bad news is that large inside gatherings continue to be a health risk, so no summer gala is feasible in 2021.

The good news? The creative members of our Development Committee have figured out a way to re-connect all of us with nature, with each other and to energize our bodies and spirits. Best of all? The event raises important funds for the Conservancy’s mission that would be lost with no gala in this 30th anniversary year. Welcome relief after a long winter!

“Clear and Healthy”, an inclusive and fun event, will launch in late June. Each participant will choose their personal goal for the event. Whether you love walking, tennis, hiking, skiing, birdwatching, biking, reading or just love connecting with friends as you do any of these activities—you’ll love the Kilter Rewards program as it connects you to supporting the Conservancy at the same time, wherever you may be this summer.

Thank you for paying attention with us to our unique and irreplaceable shared world. Connect with nature, with friends and neighbors, and with the Conservancy as we all emerge from the pandemic and from the winter. At least we haven’t been “underground” as long as the cicadas that we’ll share this summer with!

We look forward to seeing you outside and are incredibly grateful for the generous support we receive from you and from the Clear Lake Township community.

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