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Planned Gift of Land

November 17, 2022

One of our founders, Kathy Latz, shared news of a planned gift of land!

Upon Kathy's passing, the “back lot” or the lake accessory side of her property will be donated to the Conservancy. This gift will provide easy access to our adjacent Elizabeth Hanna Nature Preserve and ensure protection from development in perpetuity. When asked what inspired Kathy to include the Conservancy in her will, she shared that during her career, she helped protect farmland, woodlands, and wetlands from subdivision and development. This is her way of continuing that work. The prior owner, Mr. Walter Strasser cared for this land by planting trees and keeping it natural. Kathy has the opportunity to extend that legacy by gifting this land to the Conservancy.

“There is something calming about walking, biking or driving around and seeing land that is open and I’d like to see that continue,” Kathy shared. The Conservancy will honor this wish when this land is donated to us. Kathy added, “I can see how much the Conservancy has grown. It has engaged the community and this gives me confidence that the Conservancy will be around in the future.”

Such gifts are iconic tributes to the Conservancy’s mission of preserving this special place for generations to come. We are honored and grateful for this kind of long-term thinking and support.

Learn how to become a member of the Legacy Society and get an unrestricted $1,000 donation to Conservancy made in your honor!

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