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Many enjoyed the hike through Brennan Woods!

March 22, 2018

A little less than two dozen people joined us for a co-hosted hike earlier in March. The sunshine was a warm welcome in the cool temperature of the afternoon and the onset of spring was apparent as we explored inside Brennan Woods. Pictured below, sandhill cranes flew overhead and landed near a wetland across the way.

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Bridget Harrison, CLTLC's Executive Director, and Nate Simons, Blue Heron Ministries' Executive Director, co-guided the hike as both shared the history of the property and details on the restoration completed so far and what's planned for the future. Much was shared and discussed on the varying ecosystems on the preserve. Below, the group is looking out over the fen, a type of wetland, on the east end of the property.

The conversation was fun and lively while we trekked through the woods. We talked about the role of prescribed fire, the impacts of the selective tree harvest, and the upcoming work planned for trail installation. Below, Nate is sharing details about the differences in leaf characteristics between a black and white oak tree.

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We followed the proposed trail and learned about the partnership between the 8th grade science class at Fremont Middle School and the Conservancy. Many were surprised by the change in elevation as we climbed the highest hill in Brennan Woods. From the top we looked out over the scenic beauty and took in the view. By this point, we were all eager for the bench that will be available as the trail installation project progresses.

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