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Kasota Island Restoration Project Updates

November 28, 2018

Update #14 (11/28):

The project continues in this cold, snowy weather. Over the last several days, the contractor removed rock from the donated pile at Point Park.

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The rock is being placed along the east side of the island at the base of the hill. They are excavating a shallow trench to lay in the geo-textile fabric followed by the rock.

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Update #13 (11/09):

The contractor has started moving in equipment to begin work on the east side of the island. Check back for photos and updates!
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Update #12 (08/08):

Wondering what we planted along the rocks at Kasota Island? Click here for the list.

Update #11 (07/23):

The plants are taking root at the island. The fence has been successful in breaking up the wave action and keeping the geese from enjoying a free buffet.

The preserve signs have been posted on the north and south ends to help users understand the guidelines and rules.
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The wooden mats will remain in place on the south shore parcel until work resumes in October. We appreciate the generous use of this property for access! Both time and money are saved by using the lot and by keeping the mats in place until the project is wrapped up.

Update #10 (06/18):

The plant plugs have been installed around the island in three zones. Plants were installed along the water, within the rock, and along the rock on the land side. Temporary fencing was installed in the water to break up the wave action and along the rock on the land side to keep waterfowl from eating the newly-installed plants. The fencing will stay in place through the spring and summer season to allow the plants to establish. All this work was done for the long-term preservation of Kasota Island and to stop the 4 inches/year of erosion! We thank everyone who came out to help last week!

Restoration on the east side will begin later this fall.

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Update #9 (03/28):

Under direction from our Lands Committee see full story here, the Board of Directors is looking at the current landscape design of the Kasota Island Nature Preserve and putting a plan together that will identify trees, shrubs, and plantings that are native to the area and will thrive on the island. Our goal is to keep open space and mowed lawn while removing and controlling invasive plants and replacing ornamentals planted as transitional ground cover before the restoration project. Native landscaping will survive with less care, cost, and maintenance and will support Land Trust Best Practices and the long-term conservation goals of the Lands Committee and Conservancy.

Once we have a timeline and a visual of what the changes will be, we will share both with you.

Update #8 (01/24):

Planning and grant writing continue for the last phase of this project. We are delighted to share that we have been awarded a grant from the FishAmerica Foundation with partial funding from the Brunswick Public Foundation in support of this work! We hope you enjoy the wintery views below.

Steps for access.

Glacial stone wall.

Frost covered Kasota.

Update #7 (12/18):

Work at Kasota has finished for the year. Removal of equipment from the landing site, see photo below, has begun and should last a week or so depending on the weather.

Work will begin again next spring when the plants will be planted and the temporary fencing and goose netting will be installed. As part of our financial match for the LARE (Lake & River Enhancement) Grant, volunteers with the Conservancy can install the plant plugs and goose netting. We'll put out a call for help next spring so stay tuned!

We encourage you to reach out to us with any project questions or comments.

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Update #6 (12/7):

The project continues in this cold, snowy weather. Over the next few days, the contractor will be moving rock from the donated pile at Point Park. We had no way of knowing how much rock was buried around the shoreline. It turns out, more rock was there than expected so only about half of the rock will be needed to finish up the north, west, and south shore. The remaining rock will be stored and used next fall on the east side of the island. We owe a huge thank you to Mike & Pat Franz and Bill & Judy Greffin for allowing us to store the rock for one more year! We really appreciate it!!

As with any project where large equipment is used some visual damage is apparent and that is clear from the photos below. The area will be smoothed and seeded next spring and after the growing season will look much better.

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Update #5 (11/30):

The installation of the access points has begun. To balance human use and the protection of the new seawall we are installing 8 access points around the most heavily used areas of the island. Tennessee flat stones are used to make steps 2 or 3 steps high, depending on their location. One area has about 5 steps.

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Update #4 (11/28):

We visited the island today. Below you can see the before, during, and after photos along the west side. Work continues on the north and south shoreline. The donated rocks will be removed from Point Park over the next several days.
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Update #3 (11/27):

Equipment is on the island and the contractor has begun removing the existing rock to install the geo-textile fabric. This will hold the shoreline in place. The rock will be re-stacked over the fabric along the shore.
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Looking through binoculars.
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Update #2 (11/01):

A contractor has been selected for the project and we expect mobilization to start on November 13.

Update #1 (10/15):

Phase II is fully funded! Huge thank you to the many supporters who are making this phase of construction possible! We look forward to saving Kasota Island from further erosion and we thank everyone for their support! Full funding for Phase III has not been secured. Please consider a gift to help us complete this project! Click here for the project design.

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With your help Kasota Island will be here for future generations to come!

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