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Join us for Oaktober!

Throughout the weekend of October 24th – 25th we’ve set a goal to plant 30 trees in the Clear Lake Township, and YOUR property could be one of the lucky planting sites!

Volunteers will gather in Tree Planting Teams to plant baby Burr Oak and Tulip trees. Some trees will be planted on Conservancy properties, but we are looking to you, Township property owners, for more places to plant.

That’s right, Conservancy volunteers will visit YOUR home and plant a tree FOR you!

All it takes is letting us know where to start digging to get on our planting agenda. Donations to cover costs are welcome but not required. Let us know if you are interested by clicking here.

How can you help?

We are looking for volunteers to form or be a part of Tree Planting Teams. Let us know if you are interested! Sign up to volunteer by following this link.

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