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Garlic Mustard Pull - Friday April 26th, 2024

On Friday, April 26th at 10 AM, we will be holding a volunteer-led Garlic Mustard Pull event at Elizabeth Hanna Preserve on the east side of Clear Lake. If you are looking for a way to volunteer with the Conservancy, spend some time enjoying nature, and learn more about our preserves, this is the event for you.

Image Description HereElizabeth Hanna, a wooded preserve off of East Clear Lake Drive, provides wildlife habitat and protection for important ecosystems. One step of protecting this habitat includes removing the threat of invasive plant species, which can reproduce easily and steal nutrients from native plants.

Garlic mustard is an invasive plant species that has found its way into this preserve. Garlic mustard can be identified by its triangular leaves and small white flower petals. This species grows in two year cycles, with the flowers blooming in the spring of its second year. With one plant being capable of producing over 7,000 seeds, it can quickly spread and become a threat. The best management practice is manual removal by pulling from the base of the stem to remove the full root.

Join us on Friday to help us remove this invasive plant species from our preserved land.

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