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Dredging is done!

January 27, 2017

The dredging at Clear Lake has been completed and just in time for the ice on the lake! I was happy to work on this project when I was hired, but would like to thank Jim and Annie Skinner and Ken Petruska for their hard work both planning this project and securing an IDNR LARE grant to fund it. This final phase of dredging removed approximately 600 cubic yards of material.

The basin at our Clear Lake Nature Preserve will be smoothed out and re-seeded this spring. The material deposited here from the dredging will help to fill in the scar from previous excavating activities. The rich materials will provide a nice substrate for our native plantings to grow.

We'd like to thank the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Lake and River Enhancement Program for providing 80% of the funding necessary to complete this project. We'd also like to thank the residents near the dredging areas for removing their docks, boats, etc. in a timely fashion for the dredging.

Curious to know more about dredging? We will feature an article in our March newsletter so stay tuned!

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