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Congrats Grant Korte!

December 15, 2017

Videographers from the land trust community created engaging videos describing what land means to them for a chance to win $2,000 in the Land Trust Alliance's Land is My… video contest. Each contestant designated a land trust to be the recipient of $10,000 should they win top prize.

Local Clear Laker, Grant Korte submitted a video and designated us to win $10,000! From all of the submissions, the judging panel selected the top 10 videos.

Grant Korte was selected as a top ten finalist and then voting nation-wide began! The support from the community was impressive! His video placed 3rd and he won $500!

From the blog post:
"Third place is awarded to Grant Korte of Fremont, Indiana, for his video, "Land Is My Adventure," about how land allows him to do the things he loves and how that helps him see life in a new light. His land trust is the Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy, also in Fremont. Grant's video demonstrated subtle artistry and his passion for being out in nature. Grant will receive a prize of $500."

This contest was all about explaining how land conservation makes our lives better. Grant's video did just that! Thanks again to the community and to Grant for the opportunity!

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