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30th Anniversary Virtual Wellness Event

June 28 – July 25

Let’s reconnect with nature, with each other, and energize our bodies and spirits. We’re teaming up with the team over at Kilter for an activity-based fundraising event from June 28 - July 25, 2021. “Clear and Healthy“ is just like a virtual marathon or race, but instead of running or walking, you can do anything that gets you moving!

Each participant will choose their personal goal for the event. Join a team or participate on your own! Earn points for walking, tennis, hiking, skiing, birdwatching, biking, playing games, or reading. Every time you do something healthy, you can earn points. These 30 days of summer will help us generate $30,000 for our 30th Anniversary! Join us to raise important funds for the Conservancy’s mission that will be lost with no Gala in our 30th Anniversary year.

See the 1 page flyer here.

Cool! How do I get involved?

1. Visit the Clear Lake Land Conservancy Event Page to register & learn more
2. Download the Kilter app
3. Create your account, complete your profile, & connect your devices
4. Visit the EVENTS tab (bottom left corner) and see the campaign in MY EVENTS!

During the event, you will track your activities every day, and compete on an interactive leader board to help us hit our goal.

How do I help raise money for this cause through Kilter?

  1. Every registration in this event adds to the total fundraising goal set by Clear Lake Land Conservancy so invite your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, and whoever else to do your part in ticking up that fundraising thermometer.
  2. You can request support from your friends and family who want to see you hit your goals! Use Kilter’s pledging function to ask people to donate based on your achievements
  3. You can donate yourself to add to your personal, team, and overall event fundraising total right through the Kilter app! 100% of your contributions will be donated to us.

Thank you for YOUR support in this exciting event. Good luck and Donate Your Hustle!

Clear Lake Conservancy Steering Committee

Join here.

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