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Celebrating 30 Years of Education

June 30, 2021

Thirty years ago, Environmental Education was almost unheard of outside of major universities. But today it’s sprouted and grown to become one of the “Three Pillars” of our Conservancy.

Here’s an example. Founded in 2005 by Conservancy friends Josie Kramer and Megan Morris, Knee-high Naturalists is now the Conservancy’s #1 youth education program. The aunt-niece duo started Knee-high as a way for families to learn together when Megan’s children were young. Their vision has now introduced generations of Clear Lake youngsters to the wonders of nature. One of the biggest reasons parents bring their kids to the lake, summer after summer, is the chance to learn and experience this beautiful place up-close and hands-on. That is Knee-high education.

Today, the Knee-high Naturalists program meets on the Conservancy’s own Memorial Woods property and has an energetic following of young environmentalist and their adult learners. You can join us each Friday in July for one of the most enjoyable nature-based programs anywhere! This season we even have a Knee-high Naturalists graduate, Madeline Buehrer, leading a session on her favorite nature topic, The Mighty Mushroom!

Check out our current line up here to download the 2021 Knee-high flyer.

But don’t forget, our educational endeavors don’t stop at the knee-high level! For 30 years we have aimed to educate all members of the community with workshops on various topics. We also reach out to educate the community online with our “Ask Bridget” columns, Newsletter feature articles, and the ever-informative Blue Papers found on our website. If there is an environmental topic that piques your curiosity, the Conservancy is always looking for ways we can educate you, our loyal supporters. Just let us know what you want to learn more about!

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