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Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan Project

April 25, 2022

Update #12 April 25, 2022

We are glad to share that Aquatic Enhancement & Survey is the contractor selected to complete the invasive species control this spring and summer. The permit application was approved by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to treat Eurasian watermilfoil and curly-leaf pondweed in Clear Lake and Round Lake. Scott and his team have been on the lakes to assess the infestation of curly-leaf, pictured below. Check back for the timeline and treatment approach.

Curly-leaf pondweed
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Update #11 March 28, 2022

The final report is available for viewing and download from the survey work completed last summer. The Aquatic Vegetation Management Five-Year Plan can be accessed here. Results from this study are important for understanding the level of infestation of invasive aquatic plants and the location.

Update #10 March 15, 2022

IDNR has awarded $8,000 through the Lake & River Enhancement Grant program to support the treatment project and follow up survey work.

Update #9 February 25, 2022

The next step will be to apply for a permit from the IDNR to complete treatment beginning in 2022. Check back for this update to learn where we will be allowed to treat, what method will be used, and when the treatments will begin.

Update #8 January 15, 2022

CLTLC's Board reviewed treatment options presented through a scoring matrix put together by members of the Water Quality Committee and Staff. Based on the scoring of safety, effectiveness and cost factors, the Board approved a treatment approach for submission to the IDNR.

An application was made to the Lake & River Enhancement grant program for funding of treatment and control of the aquatic invasive species identified in the updated AVMP from the summer of 2021.

Update #7 October 2021

A community meeting was held to share findings from the survey work. View the recording here.

The community was invited to fill out a survey to help inform the decision making process going forward.

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Update #6 May - August 2021

Survey work was completed by Dr. Scribailo of Aquatic Ecosystem Services to identify the location and level of infestation of the aquatic invasive plants.

Update #5 February, March, April 2021

Community support from Matt & Claire Timmer, Sue Compo, an anonymous donor, and the Clear Lake Association was secured to move forward on the AVMP project.

Image Description HereWe really appreciate this support!

The Water Quality Committee put a scope of work together for the updated AVMP project.

The project went out to bid and Aquatic Ecosystem Services was selected.

Update #4 January 2021

The Conservancy applied for Lake & River Enhancement grant to request funding to get an updated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan (AVMP), a required step by the Indiana Deparment of Natural Resources (IDNR) in the treatment process.

Funding was denied.

Update #3 September 2020

Water Quality Member Matt Rippe uploaded GPS tracks of known and estimated sites with EWM.

Dr. Scribailo visited Clear Lake and Round Lake to help us understand the level of infestation and plan next steps.

Update #2 August 2020

Members of our volunteer Water Quality Committee collected a sample and shipped it to Dr. Robin Scribailo at Purdue University. He confirmed the presence of invasive and non-native, Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM).

An "Ask Bridget" was sent out.

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Update #1 July 2020

Bill Geiger took Bridget Harrison up in his plane to see the aerial view of the increased plant life in Clear Lake.

Connor Oiler flew his drone and collected valuable aerial footage of the location of the aquatic plants.

Several community members voiced concern.

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Cover photo credit: Connor Oiler

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